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Jay Wright Suit Watch: East Tennessee State

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The Villanova Wildcats began their participation in the 2016 NIT Preseason Tipoff with a solid 86-51 victory over East Tennessee State.

'Nova displayed a methodical beat down (with displays of brilliance) of the Buccaneers taking advantage of the misgivings & weaknesses of the Southern Conference school. Also methodical, with a display of brilliance, was Jay Wright's wardrobe.

Villanova's head coach walked the sidelines of The Pavilion in a simple navy blue suit with a french blue shirt and a navy tie featuring individual paisleys; a very down-to-business look. The uniqueness to #SuitWatch, and piece of brilliance, was Wright's first foray into a patterned pocket square as a piece of blue gingham highlighted his outfit.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

(3.75/5 Esquires) Straight and to the point look for the in-season exempt tournament game that is highlighted by the gingham pocket square.