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Villanova vs. Rhode Island Football Preview: Depth Chart

Two more changes this weekend on the two-deep.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Wallace has been a fixture on the offensive line to this point in 2015, but on Saturday expect to see him with his helmet off on the sideline. This week's depth chart moves freshman lineman Louie Csaszar from the back-up slot to the starting lineup at right guard, while Chris Buchalski now backs up both guard positions, while Wallace will be ready to come in if anything happens to Jonathan Green at center.

After Javon White was injured in last week's game, the 'Cats have also adjusted the running back depth chart. Gary Underwood remains the starter of the 'Cats deep ground attack, with Matt Gudzak stepping up as the number-two ball carrier, and freshman Aaron Forbes will adopt a bigger role as well.

There were no changes noted on the defensive side of the ball.

Overall though, the line-up has remained mostly stable from the last two weeks, which can only be a good thing for the Wildcats who will have another chance to build confidence and chemistry this week. The Wildcats persevered against a challenging Maine team last week to keep their record on the right side of .500.

Here's the full depth chart:

Depth URI