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Who is the best NBA prospect on Villanova?

If you were able to draft one Wildcat to an NBA team, who would it be?

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Congratulations!  You've been promoted to the head of scouting for your favorite NBA franchise.  I know it's your first week on the job, but we need you to hit the ground running.  There's a marque match-up we need you to cover in person on Monday between two elite college programs.  Pack your bags, because you're heading to Hawaii to scout the Oklahoma Sooners and the Villanova Wildcats.

We've already got Buddy Hield and the Sooners scouted, but we need to know more about these Wildcats.  Obviously we'd like notes on possible sleepers or guys to keep an eye on, but we really need to know who's ready to step up to the next level this year.  You see, our new majority owner is a Villanova Alum, and he's insisting that we take one of his beloved Wildcats in the draft.  As the GM, I need you to put yourself in my shoes and answer a very simple question: What if you had to draft one Villanova Wildcat this season?

Jalen Brunson

This kid seems to be getting better every time he touches the ball.  His coach, Jay Wright, said he has the Basketball IQ of Kyle Lowry and the toughness of Ryan Arcidiacono.  What he lacks in NBA size and athleticism, he makes up for with court vision and scoring ability.  Brunson has a great handle and remains poised at all times on the court, something rarely seen in such a young prospect.  With plenty of development years left, he's got the most potential of any player on the team.  He's not a lottery pick yet, but could be by the end of the season if he starts to open it up more on offense.  Until then, he's a low end first round, high second round pick.

Josh Hart

The star Junior is the most NBA ready prospect on the team.  He's strong, athletic, and can really rebound.  He's undersized for a small forward and would likely play as a shooting guard at the next level.  He's an above average shooter that can also finish in the paint.  He needs some work on his handle, but he is still able to effectively drive and score.  He has great spacing on the court and attacks the boards for rebounds.  He's a second round prospect with first round upside.

Daniel Ochefu

Ochefu is going to be in the NBA for a long time, regardless of who drafts him.  The Senior is very teachable, making big improvements to his game each season.  He has a quick first step on offense and is an excellent passer from the post.  On defense, he's a solid rim protector and an above average rebounder.  He needs to extend his game another 10 feet from the rim consistently and cut down on the fouls, but he's shown the ability to do both.  Ochefu will be a second round talent, but again, you can't teach 6'11.

So which player are you going with?  The young but talented point guard?  The athletic scoring guard? The big man?  Or is there another player we don't know enough about yet?