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The Sun's Arizin: Is Villanova Basketball now underrated?

Don't be surprised when Villanova is the lowest ranked team from the Big East this afternoon.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! And I do mean that. I'm completely over Saturday. In fact I was never really that upset to begin with, because when that game was announced it was always going to be really tough to win it. Villanova is 8-2 sporting two losses to Top 5 teams. That's really not a bad way to go through the out-of-conference schedule especially considering that they looked really good against Virginia's defense (though not so great against their apparently elite offense - maybe the defense does have a long way to go after all).

What's more interesting is that i's very likely that Villanova is the lowest ranked team from the Big East this afternoon. Xavier is a deserved Top 10 team and I'm hard-pressed to argue Butler given the beating they put on Purdue. Providence is iffy, even though they've looked pretty darn good. But that might just make Villanova underrated all of a sudden.

And historically, that's been a really good motivation tool for this program. Can't wait for NYE!

And now, the "news."

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At Municipal Stadium, invariably described as "cavernous," about 15,000 fans froze in the 80,000-seat stadium to watch Kentucky defeat Villanova 24-14. (What is it with Villanova and obscure bowl games?)