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What Gifts Would You Give The Villanova Basketball Team For Christmas?

What does Santa have in his bag for each of the Villanova players this season?

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Twas the night before Christmas, and down on the court,

All the players were gathered, both tall and short.

The team in their jerseys and Jay in Armani,

All thought to themselves, "What's Santa brought me?"

So on Christmas Eve Eve, VUHoops wants to hear,

"What if we gave each player a gift for Christmas this year?"

Ryan Arcidiacono - A Green Light Bulb

It may be a little surprising that on a team with so many scoring options, Arch leads the team in 3FG% and is 2nd in FG% behind Reynolds.  The problem is that when he's on the court, he only takes 19% of the team's shots.  That's the fewest of any starter, and 6th on the team.  Sure, his numbers are higher because he's creating opportunities for others and only taking high efficiency shots But if that's the case then why not draw up some plays to get arch more of the shots he makes so consistently?  So this year, Arch gets the "green light" to create a little more for himself and keep his hot shooting going.

Daniel Ochefu - A Chewbacca Costume And A Ticket To See Star Wars

There's actually quite a lot that Ochefu and Chewy have in common.  They're both quite tall, they're both fun loving, and everyone loves them.  But it's the inner beast of the wookie warrior that we want to see from Ochefu on the court this year.  Hopefully he'll be inspired to throw down a few more thunder dunks and block some shots once he sees how Chewbacca dominates his opponents in the new Star Wars movie.

Josh Hart - A Publicist

Josh Hart leads Villanova in minutes and scoring.  He's second on the team in 3FG% and leads all guards in rebounding.  But still, no one outside of the greater Philadelphia area seems to know about him.  While that should change as the season goes on, it couldn't hurt to get some good PR going before the Big East gets started.  The stage will be bright, and Hart is ready to shine.

Kris Jenkins - Stick'em Gloves

The best addition to Jenkins' game this season is his ability to shot fake and drive to the basket.  Not only is he making a high percentage of his close range 2's, he's getting to the line more often where he shoots 84%.  That being said, the vast majority of his shots are from behind the arc.  Hopefully these gloves will help him hold on to the ball and drive the lane instead of taking some of those contested 3's.

Darryl Reynolds - Moon Shoes

Reynolds has been one of the better rebounders for Villanova this season.  But when he comes down with an offensive board, he almost always kicks it out or loses it.  Not anymore.  With his brand new moon shoes he'll be able to go right back up with those boards and improve his contributions on the offensive end.  Pro Tip: Don't try to walk in these!

Phil Booth - Swiss Army Knife

When Jay Wright needs a boost on offense, he brings in Phil Booth.  When he needs a shut down defender, he brings in Phil Booth.  If basketball had special teams, he'd probably call on Phil Booth.  Booth has really upped his game this year across the board.  So what do you get the guy that can do everything?  The gift that can do everything.

Mikal Bridges - The Omaha Steaks Holiday Gift Sampler

Bridges has been great on both ends of the court for the Wildcats so far this season.  Whenever Jay Wright needs a spark off the bench, Bridges has been up to the challenge.  But we're about to enter Big East play, which means bigger and tougher assignments.  At 6'7, Bridges only weighs 191 pounds.  So what better way to bulk him up than with steak and potatoes?  Protein, Carbs, and some time at the gym will bring his game to the next level.

Jalen Brunson - Football Pads

Jalen Brunson has experienced a lot in the past year.  A gold medal with Team USA, the experience of going away to college, and of course his first season playing for Villanova.  But nothing really prepares you for the Big East.  It requires toughness and stamina to grind through a season where you're more likely than not to see tougher play than you did in the non-conference.  But what we've seen from Brunson so far indicates he won't be shying away from contact, so he's getting some football pads.

Donte DiVincenzo - A Case Of Red Bull

Who needs a fifth metatarsal when you've got wings!  While he wasn't getting a ton of playing time prior to being sidelined by injury, DiVincenzo was making notable improvements to his game.  The Wildcats' depth is already dangerously short (especially if Jenkins' injury is anything serious), so the sooner Nova Nation's favorite red head can get back the better.  Besides, anyone who's seen his dunks knows he's already used to flying.

Tim Delaney - A Clean Bill Of Health

Delaney won't see the court this year, but he'll be a big part of the scheme change that's coming next season.  For the first time that I can remember, Villanova is going to be deep at the forward position.  That's going to be a huge advantage in the Big East, and the only thing that could eliminate that advantage is injury.  So Tim's getting a thumbs up for the doctor that he's 100% recovered and ready to go for next season.

Eric Paschall - A Countdown Clock

Paschall (and the Nova Nation) are counting down the days until his debut next season.  From the few glimmers we've seen in the Blue/White scrimmage and Hoops Mania, there's a lot to be excited about.  While there's still a lot to be excited for this season, it's fantastic that next year is shaping up to be great too.

Who's on Santa's Nice/Naughty list? What gifts would you hand out to the team?  Be sure to leave your answers in the comments below, thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!