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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Basketball can't look past Penn

Okay, they probably can.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! We back! Thanks for allowing us a couple of days off to recuperate and spend the holidays with our respective families. We missed you all dearly. With Penn on tap for tonight we're officially back in action this week.

I talked to a fellow grad earlier today who referred to Penn as a trap game before Xavier. I know last year was close, but I just can't see it happening again. Maybe a little sluggish out of the gates, but nothing to see here.

And now, the "news."

Penn-Villanova Preview | FOX Sports
Despite having a chance to claim a share of another Big 5 title, Villanova probably can't help but look ahead.

On the Quad: Big East's first week of conference play is loaded | ESPN
The Big East wastes no time pitting its top teams against each other this week in a way that no other conference duplicates.

Villanova’s remarkable players answered call | DelCo Times
C.J. Logan, Jacob Gribb and Jake Prus came to Villanova in 2012 as part of what football coach Andy Talley called a “special” recruiting class.

Lifesaving journey for Villanova’s Logan a historic one |
Logan’s donation was historic. Of the six Villanova football players who have received the call from the national registry program, Logan was the first African-American.

Reinforcements on the way for Xavier… at least in practice | Big East Coast Bias
While he may only be around for practice this year the arrival of Eddie Ekiyor will help the Musketeers continuing playing at a high level in the future.

What's wrong with Georgetown? | ESPN Video
ESPN college basketball reporter Andy Katz discusses what's troubling the Hoyas on the court.

Second Thoughts: How UD fans respond to Pierre is their business |
"The Big East will admit it made a big mistake by inviting Creighton to join its league instead of Dayton." Are you regretting it?

Rick Pitino flips off UK fan on the way to locker room | Kentucky Sports Radio
Rick Pitino found himself on the losing end of yet another battle with John Calipari, which has to be frustrating. So frustrating that Pitino flipped off a UK fan following the loss.

"WHERE'D THE BALL GO!??" | Deadspin
It’s a bright, sunny day in El Paso for today’s Sun Bowl, where the snow is coming down so hard the ball is disappearing: