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Oklahoma Sooners vs. Villanova Wildcats: Live Score, Stats, Updates, Odds and more

The Wildcats and Sooners meet in one of the mostt anticipated college basketball games of the season.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Monday December 7, 2015
7:00 pm ET
(6) Oklahoma Sooners (5-0) vs.
RPI: Oklahoma: 92 | Villanova: 4
KenPom: Oklahoma: 9 | Villanova: 1
Bloch Arena (Capacity: 4,000)
Where: Hickham, HI
TV: Fox Sports 1
Odds: Villanova -3.5
Announcers: Gus Johnson, Bill Raftery, Jenny Taft

This is your game thread for discussion. Have fun...and remember, we cannot condone the posting of illegal streams in the game thread. If we see them posted, we will be obligated to remove them. If you need to share them, contact each other via email, Twitter, etc.

We'll have a recap up shortly after the game.

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