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Who would win a Villanova Basketball three-man tournament?

If we split up Villanova's players into 3-man teams, who would win?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's Wednesday, and the team has returned to the Pavillion after their first loss of the season.  Head Coach Jay Wright is looking for a way to work on individual performance, but make it fun (to keep spirits high) for a team that is going to have 2 days of hard work ahead of them.  So, what if he split up the team into groups of 3 for a good old 3-man tournament?  It would give the coaches an opportunity to work with the players in small groups, but keep practice competitive.  After splitting up the players into teams purely based on fun names, it's time for the fans to decide which team will win the whole sha-bang.

Team Italian Cooking

Players: Ryan Arcidiacono, Donte DiVincenzo, Daniel Ochefu
Coach: Jay Wright

Ok, I'll admit that the whole premise of this article came from me cracking myself up with the "Italian Cooking" name, but this is still a REALLY good team.  You've got the best leader on the court, the best big man on the court, and arguably the best athlete on the court.  And who else would coach Team Italian Cooking than a former member of Rollie Massimino's staff?  This team's strength will be on the interior with strong rebounding and a solid mid-range game.

Team Junior

Players: Josh Hart, Kris Jenkins, Darryl Reynolds
Coach: Ashley Howard

Every member of this team, including the coach, came to Villanova in 2013 and have had nothing but success since.  It's a team full of strong contributors and future leaders, but all have found their niche at Nova. Hart leads the team in scoring, Jenkins is scoring from inside and outside the arc, and Reynolds has stepped up in a big way when called upon this season.  Team strength's include size, versatility, and scoring.

Team Young Guns

Players: Jalen Brunson, Phil Booth, Mikal Bridges
Coach: Kyle Neptune

Don't let their age fool you, every member of this team has been a major contributor to Villanova's success this season.  Jalen Brunson has played like a senior, Phil Booth has been clutch on both ends of the court, and Bridges has been arguably the best defender on the team.  There's still room for growth for this team, but they can only get better.  This team excels in speed and perimeter play (both offense and defense).

Team Sideline

Players: Eric Paschall, Tim Delaney, Bench Mob (Patrick Farrell, Henry Lowe, Kevin Rafferty)
Coach: Baker Dunleavy

Since we're already pretending, let's say that Tim Delaney is medically cleared for today's tournament.  Don't toss these guys aside, they could surprise you.  Helmed by one of the best Associate Head Coaches in the country, this team features the most depth (always important in a tournament), the best size of any team, and arguably the best NBA prospect in the entire field.

So which team would come out on top?  What other three man combinations (team names included) would you like to see?  Thanks for reading, and be sure to vote and leave your comments below!