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Jay Wright Style Watch: DePaul

Jay's tie and shirt combo cause the editors to shake their heads.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

New York City is the Fashion Mecca of America. Since Villanova plays in the Big Apple frequently, head coach Jay Wright has multiple opportunities each season to dress to the nines. And he never disappoints.

One would think that a trip to the Second City would do the same; ultimately Wright's style for Saturday's game against DePaul came up short. His style got the most out the Wildcats as 'Nova came back and held the Blue Demons to 18 second-half points enroute to the Cat's win, but it didn't do much for the Editors of #SuitWatch.

During the game, I remember thinking, "Jay, what. are. you. wearing.?" I thought that a later re-examination of game photos under closer inspection would change that thought. It didn't. Luckily, this is the only photo in our archive that has Wright in focus from Allstate Arena.

Hopefully this will help history will forget this mistake.

The Villanova leader took to the sidelines of The Windy City in a very sharp two-piece, three-button charcoal suit. From there the usual dapper Wright left the editors of #SuitWatch scratching their heads.

Wright is a master of using demure consistency and color-matching in his style. On Saturday he wore a white shirt with alternating navy and light blue stripes. In this editor's mind, from here all would have been perfect if the Master of Style went with a blue or grey based tie- striped or patterned. However, Wright donned a burgundy tie that can't even be described.

Gray, blue, and burgundy? Was this an homage to the worst uniforms in Villanova history? Hopefully not.

He finished off the outfit with a light blue pocket square which detracts even more from the look.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

1.5/5 Esquires: The worst look in the History of #SuitWatch. Jay should have worn a different tie or a solid white shirt with that tie.