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Jay Wright Style Watch: Providence

The photo does not do the outfit justice.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova somehow made it to the middle third of February without playing Providence. Jay Wright introduced the Friars to his 2015 style and the Wildcats claimed their 22nd victory of the season.

Wednesday's game is pretty much the worst-covered game (photographically speaking) of the season. Aren't there any photogs in the Ocean State? There is a dearth of photos from the game and what you see above is a poor capture of Jay Wright's style.

Wright commanded the sidelines of the Dunkin Donuts Center in a dark navy two piece, three button suit that featured highly contrasting white pinstripes. Although the above photo doesn't show it, the Villanova Head Coach wore a white shirt that featured a very broad plaid striping (cross striping may be a better description) with french cuffs. In researching the archives, the #SuitWatch editors cannot find a previous wearing of the shirt, but it seemed familiar. He paired a light blue-based tie with diagonal navy and white stripes. He finished off the look with a white pocket square.

Suit, Shirt, Tie, Cuff Detail

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

4/5 Esquires: This is based on memory from the game, not from the photo. Combining pinstripes, a striped tie, and cross-striped shirt is a bold move.