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Villanova-themed Valentine's Day cards for the procrastinator in all of us

The perfect way to win your Villanova sweetheart's love.

This Valentine's Day, you could go the 1-800-FLOWERS route and get overcharged for flowers that will last just a few days, but we've got a more sentimental gift that will be sure to win you the affection of your Villanova sweetheart for a lifetime. If you're like me, or really any of the other writers here - okay fine if you are a guy - we've got the perfect solution for your all-too-obvious procrastination of Valentine's Day.

This photo gallery of Villanova-themed cards incorporates the members of the basketball team (who let's be honest, all girls have a crush on) with witty sayings that have been honed to perfection by my summers as a Hallmark employee. And the crude photoshopping will make it look as if you actually put some real effort in to making this yourself, which always earns bonus points with the ladies.

NOTE: For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I tweeted a lot of these in the last month. I did not go through the entire roster so make sure you take a look at them all because some are never-before-seen!

Success stories (and frankly, horror stories too) are welcomed in the comments.