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Closest to the Pin Round 11 - Providence

The VUHoops Crowd again was justifiably confident in this one, picking the Cats by 11. Vegas was a tad less so, favoring the Cat's by 10. Of course, none of that informed us as much as the bellwether prediction from BosshogHazzard, who correctly predicted that the Cats’ defense would pound the Friars, although not quite by his predicted winning margin of 62. When the final horn sounded, the Cats had taken this one easily, winning by 28. Regarding the contest, 62 players teed off. Of those, two drove the ball out of bounds and are instructed to report to the BosshogHazzard Skills Academy for remedial instruction. Nine players found the green, but it was huge and most were looking at three-puts. Ailurophile, NovaKG and Ryan Boggio tied for closest to the pin. The good drpainosaurus saw his impressive streak of four consecutive point-scoring rounds come to an end, although he remains in first place going into the final round. We raised $152.50 in this game and $1,092.50 overall for Villanova Men's Basketball and NovaDave's Wawa Arena at Villanova.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

RESULTS: With the Cats dominating win over Providence, 89 - 61, we congratulate nine VUHoops readers who scored in this round.

  1. Ailurophile (Nova 79, Providence 62) awarded 3 points
  2. NovaKG (Nova 78, Providence 61) awarded 3 points
  3. Ryan Boggio (Nova 78, Providence 61) awarded 3 points
  4. Jnmurf16 (Nova 80, Providence 64) awarded 2 points
  5. John-Knee V (Nova 79, Providence 59) awarded 2 points
  6. willannan (Nova 77, Providence 61) awarded 2 points
  7. NovaDave (Nova 77, Providence 60) awarded 1 point
  8. Paul F 202 (Nova 80, Providence 65) awarded 1 point
  9. Villanovafan152 (Nova 84, Providence 69) awarded 1 point

The updated leader board is provided below.

Player Points
drpainosaurus 13
NovaKG 9
NovaDave 8
jnmurf16 5
John-Knee V 5
MoSuttonMoProblems 5
Noah Thacker 5
willyannan 4
youngBUCK 4
Ailurophile 3
Corollary 3
Ryan Boggio 3
Sweetness and Light 3
Terchmil 3
Johnny Burke 2
jpbfrog 2
Kantcant 2
kevin.pulsifer 2
Mike J. 2
nationer15 2
nova09nyc 2
NovaEngineer 2
ole man giant 2
ryanschock24 2
speedracer33 2
villadelphiapa 2
WreckinCrew56-55-53-58 2
Zxcvbnmmnbvcxz 2
Eberz for 3! 1
marty1029 1
NovaFlyer 1
nynovascott 1
Paul F 202 1
Philanova 1
Ramon Usategui 1
schitzengigles10 1
StephDon 1
Steve92 1
Villanovafan152 1
villanovakevin14 1
Wildcat1971 1

VUHOOPS vs. VEGAS: Based on the average predicted scores of the VUHoops Crowd and the posted Vegas line, we would have had a DOUBLE-WIN by betting NOVA giving 10.0 points (WIN) and betting the OVER (WIN). After eleven rounds, we would be EVEN MONEY.

UPDATE (February 24, Tip-Off) ... Recapped below is the way the VUHoops Crowd saw this one:

# Reader Predictions:  61

% Picking Cats to Win: 97%

$ Raised for Nova Men's Basketball (this game): $152.50

$ Raised for Nova Men's Basketball (cumulative): $1,092.50

Wisdom of VUHoops' Crowd Prediction:

o Spread: Villanova -11.0

o Over/Under: 143.0

o Final Score: Nova 77 - Providence 66

Vegas Odds Makers' Prediction:

o Spread: Villanova: -10.0

o Over/Under: 136.5

o Final Score: Nova 73- Seton Hall 63


Window Opening (February 23, 9:00 AM): The window is now open for you to post your predicted final score for Tuesday's game vs. Providence. The official contest rules are posted HERE.

Going into this round, drpainosaurus is in the lead with 13 points. The full Leader Board is posted HERE.

Don't forget that you support Villanova Men's Basketball by playing Closest to the Pin.  A contribution of $2.50 will be made to Villanova Men's Basketball and Nova Dave's Wawa Arena at Villanova for each score posted over the final nine conference home games up to a maximum of $5,000. We raised $940.00 so far.

The table below provides a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.

SOS Nova Providence
Record 25-2 (12-2) 19-8 (9-5)
AP Ranking #6 NR
RPI #5 #19
SOS #35 #10
Avg. Pts. Scored 75.1 70.4
Avg. Pts. Allowed 60.8 64.9

Villanova's best win this season was over VCU (AP #15; RPI #12), while the Cat's worst loss was at Seton Hall (AP NR; RPI #67). Providence's best win was at Notre Dame (AP #10, RPI #26), while their worst loss came vs. Brown (AP NR; RPI #239).

Enter your predicted final score in the comments section in the format: NOVA xx, Providence yy. Good luck!