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Should UConn rejoin the Big East?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Chris Fairfield wrote an interesting piece SB Nation's Big East conference site, Big East Coast Bias putting up an interesting argument that the conference should bring back the Connecticut Huskies.

He supports his case with the following facts...

  • UConn has a strong Big East background.
  • They suck at Football.
  • They are a basketball school at their core.
  • The AAC is a horrible conference and their new rivalries don't support Connecticut's hoops preeminence.
  • They suck at Football.
  • UConn is a much better option for the Conference than Saint Louis or Dayton or...

Of course the existing 10-team Big East allows for a wonderful 18-game round robin conference schedule. I'm not sure that the conference is in a need to expand or that they want to. But if they did, should Connecticut be at the top of their list?