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Villanova vs. Georgetown preview: Q&A with Casual Hoya

Our "friends" are back for another chat.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last time we spoke with the good folks over Casual Hoya, an epic beatdown ensued. So naturally we decided to talk with them again and hope for different results.

Below you'll find their answers to our questions, and be sure to head over to Casual Hoya for the return segment.

Since the night we won't speak of, Georgetown has gone 2-2 with one of those being a nail-biter over Marquette. What's happened?

.500 is good enough for the Hall of Fucking Fame, homey. But to your point, the Hoyas are still trying to find their footing as JT3 is mixing and matching various lineups at various times. Though ultimately we're hopeful the right combinations will rise to the top come March, the Hoyas have had some growing pains and have struggled in the past few games. When it all comes together it's beautiful (AS YOU WITNESSED), but when the Hoyas struggle, it ain't pretty.

There is talk that Saturday could be the largest college basketball crowd in Pennsylvania history - is this a sign of a rivalry about to take off in a new era?

Is that true? Wow! I'm honored! But what is that competition exactly? A LaSalle - Drexel game at the Palestra? Lehigh v. Lafayette in Bethlehem? I would have thought some of those Iverson-Kittles matchups would have drawn a crowd I guess, but yes, I do think it's a good sign that folks with flock to see an old school Georgetown - Villanova matchup in this new school world.

What happened to the ghost formerly know as Reggie Cameron?

You dudes are obsessed with Reggie Cameron. You want to trade Josh Hart for him? Put simply, Cameron was recruited as a sharpshooter and can't hit a damn shot. It's tough in his limited minutes to come in cold and start making it rain, but that's just the nature of the beast when that's your specialty. He doesn't bring much else to the floor, unfortunately, though I'm sure he'll be terrific on Directional School U in a couple years.

Which of the freshman will turn in to the next Hoyas star?

Isaac Copeland reminds me of a more athletic Otto Porter, so I'll go with him since he has star potential and could be a lottery pick in a couple years. LJ Peak has a nastiness to him and will develop into an excellent scorer, Paul White is Mr. Fundamental and is going to be a really good player for the Hoyas, and Tre Campbell has already developed into a dependable backup point guard and has seen increased minutes. I'm quite giddy about all of them, to be candid.

What's the best rumor related to a Joshua Smith meal you've had relayed to you since he got to Georgetown?

On January 19th he crushed an Ochefu-Pinkston Sandwich.

Editor's Note: Good snark, but I was really curious. There's no way Josh Smith hasn't shut down a cafeteria yet.

Pretty good stuff happening at Syracuse right now, huh? Self-policing is the best.

I'm just glad the national media has seen that crap for what it is and is putting the pressure of public opinion on the NCAA to not accept the self-imposed postseason ban as a factor in what might be a 2-3 year ban in the future. Pretty shitty of Boeheim to throw his current players under the bus like that as well, though it's not surprising given his comments on his players that leave early for the Draft. Really not sure why any top recruit would want to play for him, really. Syracuse's transformation into the next Boston College is really happening much quicker than I thought.

Is the Big East the right size or does it need expansion? If so, who's your top 2 to invite?

It's the right size for now and I dig that the focus of every school is squarely on hoops, even though some Big East blogs on SBN continue to devote an absurd amount of time into pimping its FCS football team that no one cares about. As far as expansion goes, bring back Syracuse and UConn. I miss the rivalries and the Big East Tournament at MSG just isn't the same without them.

Can Steve Lavin be fired already?

Steve Lavin is not my problem, but the Big East needs the Johnnies to be on the national landscape and you can't help but think that Lavin isn't getting it done. It's too bad Mike Dunlap left that bench a few years ago because the combo of his Xs and Os with Lavin's recruiting ability was truly a formidable one.

Can Georgetown still win the Big East if they lose on Saturday?

You mean, like mathematically? I guess so. But no, the Hoyas won't win the Big East with a loss on Saturday and frankly they won't win the Big East with a win Saturday either. I'll take 11-7 right now and I'd be fine with being a plucky 6 seed in the Dance. For us it's all about making the second weekend. Anything less than that and I'm lighting the blog on fire.

What's your prediction for tomorrow?

I have a hard time believing that the Hoyas team that crushed your souls a few weeks ago is going to be able to pull that off again, but Georgetown matches up really well against Villanova and I'd expect a close outcome. I'll go with Hoyas 66 - Wildcats 62, and it's going to make our loss to Seton Hall next Tuesday all the more painful.