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Jay Wright Style Watch: Georgetown

A new three-piece is unveiled.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Villanova had lost two games on the season's campaign heading into Saturday's game against Georgetown; one of those defeats was at the hands of the Hoyas.

The opportunity to avenge a loss, a weekend afternoon game at an NBA arena, a return to South Philly, or trying to compete with his team's amazing 1985 throwback uniform were all legitimate reasons for Jay Wright to pull out some of his best stylings, and he did.

As #7 'Nova dismantled the 24th ranked Hoyas, Wright went with a three-piece suit for the fourth time in the 2014-15 season; and second time in three days.

Wright commanded the sidelines of the Wells Fargo Center debuting a [new to #SuitWatch] dark gray chalkstripe suit. The jacket featured two buttons, of course, and a third ticket pocket. Looking at the detailing of the lower right hand side jacket pocket, one can astutely see the fine detailing of Gabe D'Anunnzio tailoring as a horizontal stripe is visible creating a break in the vertical pattern.

Underneath the jacket and vest the Villanova leader sported a pure white shirt. From here, the Villanova leader could have gone anywhere with a tie. Pick a color, pick a pattern. The brilliantly selected suit and shirt allows for this flexibility. Wright decided to pair the outfit with a pale purple tie with an inlaid geometric design providing an excellent contrast for the mid-afternoon game.

He finished off the outfit with a white pocket square.

One highlight from Saturday's cache of photos is that we get a sneak peak inside of Wright's suit. What do the readers of #SuitWatch get to see? Nothing other than Wright's custom suit label. We've filled in the light of the original photo, to make the script Jay Wright clearer for our readers.

As if anyone else in the building would confuse their jacket for Wright's...

AP Reporter, Dan Gelston, provided this additional unphotographed detail of Wright's vest.

Jay Wright's double-buckle black shoe

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

4.5/5 Esquires: Wright debuts a new look to the column and it is instantly one for the history books. A style that all sartorial padawans should study.