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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 12, 2015

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Daily Villanova links.

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Pete Rowland '70

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! And a happy Gameday to you as well. Villanova takes on Marquette today at high noon and yours truly will be in attendance so things have to go well. I won't have it any other way.

As usual, if you can find me you get a drink on me. Preferably a beer but f*ck it it's the postseason and I'll do a shot if you want me to go that route.

And now, the "news."

Sixth man Josh Hart 'Nova's unsung hero | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
As Villanova heads into the Big East tourney as the top seed, it can thank the contributions it gets from sixth man Josh Hart.

Villanova looking to overcome Big East Tournament woes | City of Basketball Love
But Villanova will need to drastically improve it’s play in New York from that of last season if they want to improve on last year’s outcome.

A Donor's Gift Proves Troubling For 'Nova -
Digging up an old one for funsies: From when John Eleuthere du Pont made Villanova Athletics all sorts of nervous in the 1980s.

Titus’s Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings: Why Your Team Will Win the Tournament … and Why It’ll Get Bounced Before the Sweet 16 | Grantland
I’ve been driving the Villanova bandwagon for weeks, and if I haven’t convinced you by now, I’m not sure what else to say. The Wildcats play defense, they have great chemistry, they’re experienced, and they play with an edge that comes from being constantly reminded that ESPN ignores many of their highlights and they don’t have any surefire NBA prospects.

Georgetown should win the Big East Tournament just for this video | The Washington Post
Georgetown is a one-seed in conference tournament promotional spots.

A Bulldog's battle |
Former Butler big man Andrew Smith faced the toughest challenge of his life as he entered 2014. Then death came knocking seven months later.

The 2015 conference championship cheat sheet: Favorites, contenders, and bid thieves |
Here's your guide to the madness before March Madness.

NCAA Tournament 2015: March Madness team confidence index | Sporting News
How many times have you heard the complaint "Aw, man. I'm never picking Duke again. They always lose in the first round?" How can you be sure it won't happen again? Well, you can't. But you can take a look at how confident you should be about your picks by analyzing a team's recent performances.

Reports: Plan proposed to push back NBA Draft withdrawal deadline | CollegeBasketballTalk
This rule change is coming three years too late.

Dick Vitale is not bitter, says ESPN has treated him like a king
Whether you love or hate Dick Vitale, the man is kind of a legend. And pulling him from calling Duke/UNC is the sports equivalent of putting baby in the corner. Despite this shun, if you will, Vitale is firm in his loyalty to ESPN and recently said so in an interview with FTW: ESPN has never, ever, ever, ever, said anything...

NCAA reports show Crean's recruiting costs and so much more
The surprise here is that IU's men's basketball recruiting expenses are higher than football for IU and Purdue. Football, of course, has many more scholarships to offer, although basketball coaches tend to recruit players earlier. IU has expanded its recruiting on the East Coast, which explains part of the expense. An IU spokesman said another factor is that the university no longer owns its own airplanes.

Analyst: Tom Izzo lost recruits because he wouldn't cheat
ESPN's Fran Fraschilla cited Tom Izzo as an example of a coach who wouln't "break rules" to get recruits.

The NCAA made $989 million in revenue last year |
Guess who still isn't getting a cut?

Builders forgot elevator shafts on finished Skyscraper | NY Daily News
What goes up must walk down.