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Big East Tournament Pick 'Em Results!

With just the final left to play, the title has actually been wrapped up.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With all but 2 of the entries picking Villanova to win the Big East Tournament (and those 2 not choosing Xavier), we have officially reached a point where no one can make a move to the top.

The finalists for the top prize- who have correctly predicted every game thus far- are Doctorr Kenneth Noisewater, tjuliano, and Nova Eboraca.

Sweetness and Light, drpainosaurus, and PokerChris each got one of the opening night games wrong and will finish one point shy in the standings.

10 of the 65 people correctly chose the Villanova vs. Xavier final. wildcat07, Jimdribbleless, Ryan Saccoman, and RJG09 picked the championship game correctly, but missed multiple games earlier on.

To decide a true champion, I'm imploring the 3 finalists to predict the final score (VUHoops Closest to the Pin Style), and the closest prediction will officially be the winner. Here's hoping you three see this. If not, we'll settle for co-champions.