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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 18, 2015

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Daily Villanova links.

Huuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaaaay! Really quick from me today because I'm bed-ridden with what appears to be my second bout with food poisoning in the last 6 months. I'll have a Lafayette preview up this morning, so keep a nose out for that.

Another loaded set of links awaits you. I love this time of year (especially the lack of respect from everyone outside the local media).

And now, the "news."

Wright didn't always have it so good at 'Nova |
Before the glory, Jay Wright went through his struggles.

Awful 13-19 season 'humbled' Villanova senior leaders | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
When the winningest Villanova team in the program’s 95-year history takes the court against Lafayette, a small piece of the worst team will be on the court as well.

Who can catch the 'Cats? | Sporting News
No, not our 'Cats. DeCourcy must be actively trying to draw the ire of 'Nova Nation. His rationale for them being the 8th best team in the tournament? No surefire NBA players. Okay.

An Insider's Perspective: An interview with former Villanova All-American Allan Ray | Big East Coast Bias
Former Villanova All-American Allan Ray sits down with BECB's Adam J. Belletti for a look at what its like to prepare for the challenges of the NCAA Tournament and a #1 Seed.

Villanova' miraculous 1985 NCAA championship: An oral history | FOX Sports
Thirty years ago, Villanova put together a magical run in the NCAA tournament. This is the story told my the coaches, players and those closest to a program that took down vaunted Georgetown in 1985.

Lafayette Leopards vs. Villanova Wildcats preview | Mid-Major Madness
The Lafayette Leopards drew the East Region's top seed in the Villanova Wildcats after winning the Patriot League's automatic bid. The first-round game tips off at 7:50 p.m., on March 19 and can be seen on TBS.

Villanova Not Taking First Round Opponent Lafayette Lightly | CBS Philly
That's what makes this team so great.

March Madness Starting to Take Off at Villanova University | CBS Philly
Now that Villanova University's men's basketball team is ranked first in the Eastern region and second overall, how are students and fans preparing for the big tournament?

One expert has All-Wildcat final - Kentucky vs. Villanova | DelcoTimes
All Chalk.

Villanova basketball team receives warm sendoff as it heads to NCAAs |
Several dozen students, fans and staff turned out in beautiful springlike weather to wish the Villanova basketball team well as it left campus headed to the NCAA tournament in Pittsburgh.

Cramer's March Madness: Top eastern stock picks | CNBC
It's March Madness, "Mad Money" style! Jim Cramer pairs up colleges and stocks from the East with stocks and shows you how to make the most money.

NCAA tournament log5 | the blog
If you're in to this sort of thing...

NCAA bracket 2015 predictions: Michigan State a surprise in the East |
Say what, Kevin?

Recruiting budget lags for Rutgers men's basketball |
Note: The Big East is not listed because all of its members are private and thus not forced to disclose financial data.

Football Opens Spring Practice with Tuesday Morning Workout |

From McDonald's All-American to McDonald's worker: How David Harrison lost his way after the NBA | Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: David Harrison was a first-round draft pick of the Pacers in 2004. Eleven years later, he's struggling to make ends meet.

This Is How Being The Biggest Dude In The World Helps You Score Goals
When Adebayo Akinfenwa last dropped-kicked our door down and announced his presence, he showed off his nose for goal with a tap-in against Liverpool in the F.A. Cup. It was a perfectly fine striker's goal, but it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped to see from a guy with a 97 strength rating in FIFA. This is more like it.