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Jay Wright not a candidate for Texas coaching job

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Jay Wright is a man in demand, but is staying with Villanova.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is no denying that the Texas basketball head coaching gig is an attractive one, but not for Villanova coach Jay Wright. Seth Davis is reporting that Texas checked in with Wright but was rebuffed quickly.

Wright has constantly spoken publicly about his admiration for Villanova and his desire to continue coaching there for years to come. And this isn't the first time Wright has passed up on a 'better' job, turning down overtures from Kentucky a few years ago while constantly being linked with the Philadelphia 76ers job when it opens up every couple of years.

This doesn't mean Wright will never leave Villanova. In the near-term however, it appears that Wright is totally committed to the Wildcats program, even while remaining a hot commodity nationally.