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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 5, 2015

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Daily Villanova links.

Bill '62

Happy Thursday 'Nova Nation! I'm probably stuck in  NYC yet again so forgive me if my tweets get snarky this afternoon. A fresh layer of snow is rolling in and I've got a scheduled flight right in the heart of it.

If you're wondering about today's lead photo, Bill '62 pulled out another gem from his 1985 collection. That's just an awesome piece of memorabilia. Thanks for sharing Bill!

And now, the "news."

Villanova freshman Booth knows his role |
Phil Booth is a talented young player who has fully accepted his role as an important sub for the Wildcats.

Titus’s Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings: Mailbag Edition | Grantland
Villanova is great on defense. It’s great on offense. If basketball had special teams, Villanova would be great at that, too.

Does Villanova have the numbers to be a No. 1 NCAA seed? |
This doesn't take in to account Tuesday or Wednesday night's action, but seeing as nobody lost, you get the point.

40 Vines that made this college basketball season awesome |
Before March Madness can finally arrive, let's look back at the season in Vines.

Ivy Player Has Eligibility Remaining, but Not in Ivy League |
Not a good rule, but a GREAT rule. As the kids say SMDH.

This college pitcher's high leg kick is horrifying |
As Seth says, my ass hurts just looking at this.