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Jay Wright Style Watch: St. John's

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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

With the outright 2015 Big East Regular Season Championship already in their hands, the Villanova Wildcats are playing for seeding in the NCAA Tournament as well as to maintain their momentum. Unfortunately for the St. John's Red Storm, they were in the way of the 'Cats as 'Nova completed its regular season schedule with a 37-point victory over the New York Squad.

Taking to the court of their South Philly Lair, head coach Jay Wright pulled a great look out of his closet for the NBA arena.

Wright donned a three-piece suit for the second consecutive game. Saturday's was a dark-brown & charcoal look with light blue and grey pinstripes. In a bold move, Wright wore a tattersall tattersall shirt; on a white base, light blue and [possibly] maroon were interwoven to form the micro-check pattern. No close up of his tie is available for analysis.

Suit & Shirt Detail

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

4/5 Esquires: This is tough, I feel that with the pinstripes suit, a solid or striped shirt is called for. But this look flows and Wright's boldness earns the four.