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Jay Wright to launch his Signature suit collection at Jos. A. Bank

Fans of the smartly-dressed coach will be able to purchase replicas of some of his best looks at their local stores.


Villanova head coach Jay Wright and his tailor Gabe D'Annunzio are cashing in on the popularity of some of the coach's bold looks this season. The pair are teaming up with national menswear retailer Jos. A. Bank to offer a signature collection of suits available at a price that even the average college student could afford.

"Gabe just came to me and said he wanted to sell my suits to the masses," Wright explained, "how could I say no to my closest friend?"

The suits will replicate some of the best looks that the coach has worn on the hardwood. For fans who spot a look they like, Jos. A. will be listing a #suitwatch of their own online, showing fans what Wright wore from his collection on the day after games. Astute #SuitWatch followers will have the ability to maintain a personal profile with their personal measurement and then use a one-click solution to add the whole ensemble to their shopping cart.

The Villanova head coach spends as much time with his tailor as he does with his basketball team, which has imparted on him a great degree of sartorial knowledge. Teamed with a large national retailer, experts suspect that Wright could earn more from his suit endorsements than he does from his coaching (or his 2014 endorsement deal for Dove Mens +Care)-- a first in college sports.

"Non posso credere che sei caduto per questo," D'Annunzio said in his native Italian. Roughly translated, that means, "I am excited for the opportunity to dress so many."

The Villanova bookstore and website will also carry a selection of ties and blazers from the collection, labelled as "WRIGHT by Bank," but for the full collection men (and women) will have to check out their local Jos. A. Bank store.

After market research, the Jos. A. Bank buyers expect that this new collection will be particularly popular with the Wall Street demographic as well as with young upstart basketball coaches trying to replicate the successes of a hero. As a result, the line will launch at the flagship Banks store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan -- a hub of both banking and college basketball -- this April 1st.

For college students, there will be a Buy One, Get Four Free sale at the stores starting today, allowing soon-to-be-graduates to pick up a selection of suits for job interviews before venturing out into the real world.