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Kickstarter for Will Sheridan's next album now open!

The former Wildcat is using a kickstarter to back his next album and stay GIANT

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You may remember Will Sheridan as the 6'8" forward who last played in the 2006-07 season. Now, he's an artist with a dream of a full length album.

And he needs YOUR help!

Before May 9th, Will has a kickstarter set up in hopes to raise $50,000 to back his newest project entitled G.I.A.N.T. II: Journey. On top of this album, Will plans on using the funding for visuals (music videos), a tour, and a brand new merchandise store for his self-sustaining GIANT name. If less then $50,000 is raised by the cutoff date of May 9th, Will gets none of the money.

"I am still so very much a part of the Villanova community," Sheridan announced. "I'm grateful of the support of Villanova. I've evolved so much, but supporting me doesn't necessarily mean you're a part of everything I'm a part of, or you are what I am. We just have this bond that we both went to Villanova. We are both alumni, we are both Wildcats, and that's what connects us all."

As part of the kickstarter, Will has offered some rewards to entice donors. One of these rewards is a limited edition Will Sheridan GIANT jersey, which goes back to his roots of Villanova Wildcats basketball.

Reward photos will be uploaded this week.

There is a single that goes with the kickstarter called "Dream Run Free" which can be found on his SoundCloud below.

You can follow Will Sheridan on Twitter:

You can find him on Instagram @willsheridanworld

Entire SoundCloud profile