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Villanova football announces the addition of six walk-on players for 2015 season

Six more new Wildcats will join the gridiron team this Fall.

Villanova football signed its scholarship class back in February, but that didn't stop the wheels from turning. Walk-on players are just as vital to the success of a college football program, and good coaching staffs are always looking to add to their scout teams, or perhaps to find a diamond in the rough (like Poppy Livers) who can come in and pay their own way.

Today, the program announced six additional fresh faces who will join the team in the preseason. All six are non-scholarship additions to the program who will provide depth at their position and serve a valuable role on the scout teams and in practice generally.

If they work hard for the Wildcats, they may be awarded with playing time like Fred O'Connor, but most walk-on players are never really given so much recognition. They play for the love of the game,and for a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Some of these young men will get their "Rudy" moment, but others will just get the chance to say that yes, they were part of the football team at Villanova.

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