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Jalen Brunson article in Sports Illustrated

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Brian Hamilton at Sports Illustrated has published a solid, in-depth background article on incoming Villanova Freshman, Jalen Brunson.

We don’t really have to teach him how to be a Villanova guard. -Jay Wright on Brunson

The article discusses Brunson's upbringing and precociousness, maturity, practice regimen, scholastics, his hoops accolades, and how he just wants to be a normal kid. It also notes that Brunson has been studying and watching the Wildcats offense through the season in preparation for his summer arrival on campus.

Expectations are high for Illinois' Mr. Basketball on the Main Line. After reading Hamilton's article, it's easy to see that 5-Star guard will fit perfectly into Jay Wright's philosophy of the "Villanova Family" both on and off the court.