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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for May 18, 2015

Daily Villanova links.

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! I'm back to reality and still jetlagged beyond belief so expect plenty of headlines that don't make sense and spelling errors from me as I ease my way back in to the rotation here at VU Hoops. Or as my new wife put it, more of the same.

Happy to be back with you all - what did I miss other than Brian joining MikeJ. on the west coast?

And now, the "news."

CHOP executive tells Villanova grads to start journey | DelcoTimes
As speaker at Villanova University’s 172nd commencement Friday, the newly named chief executive officer at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shared with the Class of 2015 a letter she wrote five years ago.

Ciao Italia! Women's Basketball Set for 10 Day Italian Tour |
The Villanova women's basketball team is set to embark on a 10-day trip to Italy where they will play four contests against Italian club teams in preparation for the upcoming 2015-16 season.

Derrick Gordon transfers to Seton Hall | Big East Coast Bias
The first openly gay NCAA Division 1 men's basketball player is headed to South Orange.

Former Seton Hall Star Sterling Gibbs Commits to UConn | The UConn Blog
The saga of the most coveted grad transfer in the country is finally over.

RAC solved 1970s Rutgers basketball facilities crisis ... or did it? |
Before the RAC, Rutgers rejected a 'Mini Madison Square Garden' in downtown New Brunswick. Now they suffer from a "complete lack of modern" in basketball facilities, with some comparing the RAC to a high school gym -- if the 8,000-seat RAC is a high school gym, what does that make the 6,500-seat Pavilion?

The Man Who Invented Modern Basketball | The Daily Beast
Caught here in the twilight of his career, the architect of the Boston Celtics' glory days was slowing a bit but was still fiery and opinionated as he prepared to pass the torch to another generation.

TCU thrives among college football's elite. |
Years of conference reshuffling appear to be finished, and while it got left out of the playoff last year, TCU may be the biggest winner of the realignment craze. College football's underappreciated nomad finally has a home, and it's making the most of it.

Taco Bell Wicker Park Could Become First in World to Serve Booze | Eater Chicago
Yum! Brands says space will feature a new urban restaurant design unique to the chain. Just because it's relevant to all Americans, I feel compelled to use this space to also let you know that there's a Burger King in the Power & Light district of Kansas City that sells alcohol -- and it's probably the top-grossing BK in the universe, because P&L is a drunken 20-something sh*tshow like I've never seen before.

An Oral History of Major League Soccer's Frenzied First Season | Complex
From a unique structure and laughable team names, to garish uniforms and crazy rule changes, how the sport’s biggest North American league kicked off.