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Want to write for VUHoops? Here's your opportunity!

Read on to find out how to write for the greatest website in the history of the internet!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Interested in Villanova sports? Have a knack for writing, photography, or making GIFs? Interested in contributing to SB Nation, Vox Media, and the Villanova Fan Community?  If so, continue reading...

We are looking for additional contributors who can commit to a weekly article (for writers), or cover on-campus games (for photographers), for all of Villanova's sports. We are committed to producing the best articles, game coverage, and visual content that we can, and all we ask from our contributors is that they give readers the same level of care.

This is an excellent opportunity to begin building a portfolio of work or simply contributing to a topic you love. Past writers have been able to leverage their experience on the SB Nation network to enhance their resume post-graduation.

Experience is not needed, but we're look for reliable folks who are interested in writing and getting better.

If you're interested send an email to our gmail (VUhoops-at-gmail-dot-com), or send us a DM on @VUhoops, or leave a comment and we'll get in touch.