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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for May 29, 2015

Daily Villanova links.

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! I couldn't help but call out the fantasy camp article below. Has anyone ever attended said camp? I'd love to know what actually goes on there because seeing as it's in Vegas I figured there's not much basketball being played.

Pray for the New York Rangers tonight as we enter two straight days of hockey game seven's.

And now, the "news."

Study: ACC, Big East continue to be the top power conferences in APR |
Throughout the 11-year history of the APR, these two leagues are performing better than all others.

USA Basketball Announces Coaching Staff For 2015 Fantasy Camp |
Jay Wright is back on the staff for this year's Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas along with a host of other Division 1 coaches.

Jeff Goodman's Top 25 ballot (plus 25 more) | Jeff Goodman Blog | ESPN ($)
Jeff Goodman offers a look at what his Top 25 ballot would like if he was submitting it right now, and ID's 25 more top teams to be considered.

Q&A: Chris Mullin, on taking over at St. John's with no experience |
A very interesting read on why Mullin took the job, how he is adapting to the college game, and how he sees St. John's competing in the years to come.

Garrick Sherman Goes Off on Alcohol-Fueled Anti-NCAA, Drug Testing Twitter Rant |
Yep, following Garrick Sherman now.

Thibodeau’s exit opens Pinckney's move to St. John’s |
Which would stink.

Sepp Blatter says it's not his fault everyone in FIFA is corrupt and terrible |
FIFA's president opened this session of football's world governing body by dodging any possible blame for the current scandal.

The Cost of an Adjunct | The Atlantic
The plight of non-tenured professors is widely known, but what about the impact they have on the students they’re hired to instruct?

Sure, robots might kill us. They also could rescue us from land mines, natural disasters and collapsing buildings | The Guardian
As debate builds over the anticipated arrival of lethal autonomous robots, a growing number of robotic applications are being directed at enhancing humans’ existence and saving their lives