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Crying Piccolo Girl Bobblehead Kickstarter fully funded

With a week to go, the Kickstarter to get the Crying Villanova Band Piccolo Girl, Roxanne Chalifoux as a bobblehead has been fully funded.

piccolo girl bobblehead

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame wanted to capture that special moment with a bobblehead. Its Kickstarter was seeking to raise $5000, which it did with six days to go. You can still get in on the funding; a pledge of $15 will get a bobblehead sent to you anywhere in the world when they're expected to ship in early autumn.

Chalifoux graduated with a degree in Biology and will continue her education in Optometry School. She will be receiving a portion of the project and according to the Kickstarter, plans to donate a portion of those proceeds to the Villanova University Band.