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USA U19 Training Camp: Eric Paschall impresses at U19 tryouts

While not making the cut, the transfer shined in his time at the Junior National Team's tryouts

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova Wildcat additions Jalen Brunson and Eric Paschall were among the 24 national players invited to Colorado Springs to partake in the USA Junior National Team tryouts. After a week of training that started on June 13th, Brunson was added to the final roster. Unfortunately, Paschall failed to make the cut, but that doesn't mean he went without leaving impressions on a few media members.

The trait that stuck out most from Paschall's time in Colorado: potential.

"He has a lovely jumpshot that should produce a higher percentage as he benefits from better teammates and takes high quality shots," writes Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News. During his Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year campaign with the Fordham Rams, Paschall averaged 15.9 PPG on 41.9% shooting along with 5.5 RPG. Paschall lead his team in points, field goals made/attempted, and 3-pointers made/attempted. He was THE guy at Fordham to look out for. At Villanova, players like Josh Hart or Jalen Brunson may get looked at first, so Paschall will get more open looks on the floor.

He managed just over 31% from three, and that should also get a boost. For my own sanity, I would hope nothing happens to his 79.4% free throw shooting.

Sporting News also noted Eric's success in rebounding against bigger players, and even managed to block a few shots.

The unexpected change Paschall registered was his weight. He is listed at 205 lbs. on the Fordham website, but his weight at the trials "was significantly in excess of that." One could wonder if this kept the sophomore off the U19 official roster. According to DeCourcy, the pounds should be shed in plenty of time for the 2015-2016 season.

DeCourcy sees Paschall serving at the stretch-4 position, and should flourish there if he continues to successfully grab rebounds. Along with his jumper, the A10 transfer could be in for a breakout year.