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NCAA Rule Changes set for 2015-16 includes 30-second shot clock

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova head coach Jay Wright noted a month ago that he would be in favor of college basketball moving to a 30-second shot clock. He's now getting his desire as NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel announced today new rules that would go into effect for the 2015-16 season.

"I think it's fair to say the buzz about the game is that scoring in the 50s can be ugly," NCAA rules committee chairman Rick Byrd told ESPN. "There's a lot of talk about it -- more coverage than ever before. All of that has created acceptance from the coaches' side."

Byrd told ESPN's Andy Katz that he felt that coaches, fans and the media were expecting his committee to make a move to impact scoring. Lowering the shot clock would, at the very least, improve the pace of play.

In addition to the 5-second shot clock reduction, another area of rules impacting teams will be around timeouts. First, there will be an elimination of a second-half timeout. Additionally, if a timeout is requested within a half minute of a planned media timeout, that timeout would count as the official media timeout.

Finally for changes impacting the men, the current 3-foot arch denoting the restricted area will be extends to four feet with the expectation of reducing collisions.

On the women's side, games will be timed in four 10-minute quarters.