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Villanova University Bookstore "Fan Pack" includes a Georgetown pennant

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The biggest Wildcat supporters can now buy this "Fan Pack" from the official Villanova University Bookstore.

The Wincraft Inc.® Villanova University Wildcats Fan Pack includes...

  • Villanova button
  • Villanova bumper sticker
  • Georgetown pennant
  • How to burn a Hoyas pennant manual

Seriously, how does this get past anyone?

First, someone [presumably] at Follett Higher Education Group (who the OFFICIAL VILLANOVA BOOKSTORE has outsourced the site to) was the first to make this colossal mistake.

Whether it is a photoshop or a photo of physical items SOMEBODY took a button with a Navy & Light Blue V on it, a bumper sticker with a Navy & Light Blue V as well as VILLANOVA on it, and combined it with a Navy Blue & Gray pennant that displays a huge [and ugly] G on it, plus HOYAS.

OK, so maybe they're not a sports fan and they don't know what a Hoya is- that's OK, because no one actually does. We can give you a pass on that.

But the G? The drastic change in color palettes? No excuse to common sense there.

The next assumption is that someone at the Villanova University Bookstore has a final approval of what is posted on the site. How does this get past them?

We can sort of get past Old Navy confusing Virginia and Villanova. However...


7/13 11:30a ET Update:
The item has been taken down...

H/T bmcdon02