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Villanova Lancaster Avenue Project: Radnor Board of Commissioners grants final approval

Campus expansion gets Final Approval.

Villanova University has been asked to jump through many, many, many hoops by Radnor Township over the past few years in its attempt to transform the landscape along the south side of Lancaster Avenue. Being the good resident, The University has complied each time, only to face another hurdle when the last was completed.

Finally, after revising a planned pedestrian bridge to ensure ADA compliance, the Radnor Township's Board of Commissioners granted their final approval of the project in a 4-2 vote on Monday evening.

The "Hamlet of Villanova" will develop the south side of US30 (Lancaster Avenue) that currently serves as a parking lot into housing, retail space, garage parking, and, Performing Arts Center.

At an estimate $270m dollars, the gothic style architecture would be completed in a phased approach over 3-5 years. The main benefits of the project will be:

  • Additional on-campus housing for almost 1,135 students increasing availability to on-campus living for 85% of undergraduates.
  • Over 1,200 spots in the parking structure to decrease in local traffic due to fewer commuters
  • Provide a centralized location for the Department of Public Safety in the new parking structure
  • The Performing Arts Center, which is fundraising dependent, Villanova Theatre, Student Theatre and related campus programs

The Parking Structure would be the first buildings constructed with initial estimates of 12 months. The Mixed-Use space of Residences and Retail would be a two-year construction effort.

University officials have said they hope to open the new dormitories in 2019.