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NBA 2K16 will have college teams, including Villanova

At least 10 schools will be included, with more being added

With NCAA Football having its own video game series until 2013, many basketball fans had requested that college basketball have its own line revived after its own ending in 2009. The 2K Sports company is finally responding.... sorta.

In the next NBA 2K game release, college teams will be an option for the MyCareer mode of play. According to SportingNews, Villanova is one of those universities.

Other schools that have been confirmed for the game include the Arizona Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, Michigan Wolverines, Texas Longhorns, UCLA Bruins and Wisconsin Badgers.

The cover of 2K16 hosts a trio of star players in James Harden, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis. Along with the schools listed above, Harden's alma mater of Arizona State is also in the new release, as well as Curry's Davidson Wildcats.

If you choose to play your MyCareer mode in college, you can even play as past and present `Nova rivals in Georgetown, Louisville, and Connecticut.

SportingNews also notes that real players will not be used, similar to the restrictions the NCAA Football games held. They add that the players will not even look the same, meaning the only hint of Villanova will be in the jersey your MyPlayers wears. Regardless, it will be entertaining to play as your own alma mater or favorite college team.