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The Sun's Arizin: Who will challenge Villanova in the Big East?

Daily link roundup.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! That was a heartbreaking experience watching the USMNT team last night, but thankfully (and also because CONCACAF is insane) the team will still get a chance to qualify for the Confederations Cup in October. Also, I've never seen anything like that Panama-Mexico madness in person before. Stunning scenes (and seriously Mexico fans - throwing trash at players? Really?).

And now, the "news."

Early look: Sizing up the Big East | ESPN
Villanova, Georgetown, Xavier and Butler are the early front-runners to be tops in the Big East.

5 Questions Villanova must address before next season | Today's U
Apparently Arch needs to repeat as Big East POY? Me thinks not.

Battle of the Borders: Mohammed Bamba talks recruitment | City of Basketball Love
Bamba still wants that Duke offer, and he still wants to donate a science building as well.

Trevon Duval Talks Schools at Battle of the Borders |
Villanova and Syracuse are working hard, and Duke and Kentucky are trying to get involved.

Marquette Releases Schedule For Italy Trip | Anonymous Eagle
The Golden Eagles are heading to Italia and playing four games this summer.

Kentucky sent Drake a cease-and-desist letter after he accidentally committed an NCAA violation |
It was only for a harmless photo, but apparently that's an NCAA violation.

Bill Simmons is heading to HBO and getting his own series | The Verge
Rumors have been swirling about Bill Simmons' next destination since his break-up with ESPN two months ago, and it's finally been revealed: the Sports Guy is coming to HBO.

Someone built a meth lab inside a federal research facility and it exploded | The Verge
Somebody built a methamphetamine lab inside a federal research facility, and a security guard was injured when it exploded.

Full-length trailer shows James Bond take on the mysterious 'Spectre' | Mashable
Get excited for a new James Bond movie in November.

New York City mayor backs down from Uber fight, agrees not to cap growth | The Verge
Thankfully reason has prevailed.