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The Sun's Arizin: Syracuse could get back in the mix for Kevin Huerter

Syracuse is out for Huerter right now, but that can change.

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Good Morning! Since you all love the recruitments, I thought we'd lead with one...

Syracuse still has a chance for 2016 basketball recruit Kevin Huerter, it seems, since they are appealing the NCAA penalties that have handcuffed their ability to offer him a scholarship for next season. The Orange did not make the 6-6 guard's cut down to eight schools because of their scholarship issues -- to go to 'Cuse would require him to reclassify to 2017.

If Syracuse wants to get back into the picture, they will have to hope that their NCAA appeal gets decided before Huerter's recruitment does -- he plans to commit this Fall. He'll be visiting Villanova later this month.

And now, the "news."

Emerging recruit Kevin Huerter would consider 2016 offer from Syracuse |
Syracuse is out of the mix for 2016 recruit Kevin Huerter, but the Orange could get right back in the hunt if the university's appeal of the NCAA's penalties is upheld.

-- Okay, now, here's a bunch of football links --

Temple-Villanova football series to return in 2017 |
Temple has won the last three meetings in a series that is tied, 15-15-2. The teams have played five times since 2003 and Temple has gone 3-2 . . . and you know where the game will be played because . . .

Temple, Eagles extend rental agreement on the Linc |
The amended agreement gives Temple the option to play in the 69,596-seat stadium in 2018 and 2019, the school said in a statement issued Tuesday. And the pact also gives the school the "flexibility and time" to explore all options, including the possibility of building a football stadium on campus - a proposition that could take several years, Temple officials said.

CAA Preview: 'Nova, UNH the favorites in a stacked league | STATS FCS Football
Villanova is the best team in the league, but a tougher schedule than New Hampshire means that UNH (avoids 'Nova, James Madison) has an easier path to repeat as conference champions.

UConn Football Insider: The Offense Must Step Up, Eliminate Errors | Hartford Courant
"Very disappointed in the unforced errors early in the scrimmage, whether we were over excited, distracted by being in the surrounding," UConn's first-year OC said after the first scrimmage, which was closed to the public. The opener is Sept. 3, when the Huskies host Villanova.

Life beyond yards, RBIs, road trips for Cubs' Szczur | Las Vegas Review-Journal
I think we all can agree there can be only one Dos Equis beer guy. But Matt Szczur, an outfielder for the Iowa and Chicago Cubs, is fairly interesting in his own right. Ed found this Szczur article that provides a very good update on his career and ends in the way most Szczur stories end.

Rutgers quarterback Hayden Rettig impresses in 1st scrimmage | Practice report |
Here's something you didn't hear often last year: "Chris Gough [ . . . ] from Villanova, was perfect, making a 26-yard field goal and all four extra points."

-- Two more on football without a Villanova connection --

Kain Colter's Union Battle Cost Him More Than He Ever Expected
Between sips of coffee, Colter just came out and said it: "I’m ready for this all to be over." "This," which Colter had hoped would drastically rearrange the face of amateur sports in America, had kicked off with a single email early in summer of 2013.

OSU Buckeye fans walk 19 miles to spell out Ohio on google maps | CBS Local Sports
A group of fans made the trek to emulate the 'Script Ohio' made famous by the OSU marching band.

-- Now basketball again! --

ESPN’s Eighth Annual College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon Schedule | ESPN
Love them or hate them, this is a great idea from ESPN (especially if you work from home like me). The one notable f*ckup though, is sandwiching what will be the most heated game of the day (Hoyas-Terps) in the middle of the Champions Classic.

Marquette Men's Basketball: Haanif Cheatham Cleared To Play By The NCAA | Anonymous Eagle
What's the opposite of the nick of time? The freshman from Florida got his clearance to play from the NCAA after the Golden Eagles wrapped up their 4 games in Europe.

Longtime NCAA basketball referee Jim Burr retires | Times Union
NCAA basketball referee Jim Burr, said Wednesday that he is retiring after 39 years as a Division I official. He has accepted a position to scout officials for the NCAA..

-- How about some other stuff? --

College athletes cashing in with millions in new benefits | USA Today
Major colleges spending an additional more than $160 million, according to a USA TODAY Sports analysis.

Is Obama proposal the end of taxpayer-subsidized sports stadiums? | USA Today
An obscure item in the president's new budget would put an end to the longstanding practice of states and cities using tax-exempt bonds to finance professional sports arenas. Better move quick!

Nationally recognized Yangming temporarily shut down over 'active infestation' | Main Line Times
The customer, a girl who was having a late lunch, found a roach in her dish of Thai noodles and complained, said Lt. Andy Block. The waiter brought her another dish of noodles but that also contained a roach, Block said.

Dear Pedants: Your Fave Grammar Rule is Probably Fake | JSTOR Daily
What constitutes ‘correct’ grammar in English seems to have a cyclical life, aided and abetted by new generations of enthusiastic grammarians.

Myths Made Flesh: Last Breaths in a Spanish Bullring |
Men and animals alike meet grisly deaths in the ring, but Spain can't seem to fall out of love with its signature sport.

Wow, that's a lotta links...