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The Sun's Arizin: Big East's cost-of-attendance stipends are being released

YOU get a check! YOU get a check! EVERYONE GETS A CHECK!

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! I'm not exactly sure why this post didn't schedule, but whatever! Interesting to see that some private schools are releasing their cost of attendance stipends to the media. I'd be surprised if we see it from Villanova, but if the range is anywhere from $1,800 to $2,600, I'd say that feels about right as far as spending money goes in college.

And now, the "news."

How Seton Hall (and the Big East) is setting the "Pay-for-Play" precedent | Big East Coast Bias
The Big East mandated that all 10 of its programs give cost-of-attendance stipends to its men's and women's basketball programs.

Kevin Reilly Joins Villanova Radio Team, 'Fan Man' takes over play-by-play |
The former Wildcat gridiron standout will take over as the color analyst.

Villanova football preview: John Robertson and company return with sights on a title | Metro
Has this ever happened before?

Providence's Kris Dunn named to Blue Ribbon preseason All-America Team | Big East Coast Bias
The PC Friars guard adds another accolade to his growing list.

Concussion awareness advocate: Use your head, Russell Wilson | Newsday
Russell Wilson has raised some eyebrows and prompted a few chuckles over his statement that a $3-a-bottle water product with "nanobubbles" and electrolytes helped him recover from a nasty blow to the head in last season's NFC title game.

Darryl Dawkins dies at age 58 |
The former 76ers star has passed away.

9 things that personally bother me about mascots |
I need to speak on something important.

Dartmouth's invincible football robot is good but probably capable of evil |
What could go wrong?