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The Sun's Arizin: Is Ryan Arcidiacono the Big East's best player for 2015-16?

We're not so sure!

All weekends must come to an end. There was plenty of news that came out of the weekend, not least of which was Chris moving into a new home. Dante Cunningham is working on his range from the corner, Ryan Arcidiacono may be the best player in the league, and Michael Jordan challenged Jimmy Butler on the hardwood.

Lets not forget to take a moment of silence for Villanova Football alum, Mark Cordes.

And now, the "news."

NCAA: Who's The Best Player in the Big East?
Villanova’s point man took home a share of the Big East Player of the Year award with Dunn, somewhat controversially, but despite this, he is Villanova’s leader and a real threat from anywhere on the court. Though his per game averages are slightly lower than both Dunn’s and Smith-Rivera’s (about 10 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal), Arcidiacono was easily the best at controlling the game, boasting an impressive nearly four-to-one assist to turnover ratio.

New Orleans Pelicans Dante Cunningham Adding a Corner 3 | Pelican Debrief
The New Orleans Pelicans continue to buy into Alvin Gentry's ideas as Dante Cunningham is reportedly continuing to add a corner three pointer to his game

Pelicans' Dante Cunningham talks team bonding, group chats | FOX Sports
Pelicans' Dante Cunningham talks team bonding, group chats

Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 2 | DelcoTimes
"The Villanova-Penn football game on the Main Line had to be rescheduled so it did not conflict with the pope’s visit. Why not just invite the pope to go on over to campus? It’s like a time tunnel anyway with the stone buildings, statues, medieval art, and black frocked friars walking across the campus. He should feel like he’s just at home."

Ronda Rousey: Lolo Jones says she could last a minute in octagon |
We think some UFC execs may check in on this site from time to time, so please guys, make this fight happen!

Lambert's Overbay commits to Villanova lacrosse
Even though he’s just halfway finished with his tenure as a Lambert Longhorns lacrosse player, midfielder Eric Overbay is already positive he’ll be ...

Mark Cordes, 59, landscape designer - Rest in Peace |
"He received many offers to play football at other schools, but chose Villanova, where he earned a bachelor's degree in marketing."

Police looking for aggressive turkey on U-M's North Campus |
If only this had happened at Virginia Tech.

UCLA Basketball Received Commitment From 13-Year-Old LaMelo Ball | The Big Lead
This may not be a bad move...

Athletes at Rio Olympics to compete in 'basically raw sewage', study reveals | Sport | The Guardian
Study reveals Olympic athletes are almost certain to come into contact with water that’s equivalent to ‘raw sewage’ at 2016 Games

Read John Hughes' Original National Lampoon Vacation Story That Started the Movie Franchise - Hollywood Reporter
In 1979, National Lampoon magazine published the future director’s fictitious tale of a family trip gone horribly awry. THR reprints the tale that launched an iconic movie series.

What It Feels Like to Go Viral - Pacific Standard
BuzzFeed, YouTube, and (former) Gawker stars all describe a similar psychological rush, but riding the viral wave comes with dangers too.

Michael Jordan Went One-On-One vs. Jimmy Butler at MJ’s Summer Camp | The Big Lead
Old School vs. New School....