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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova's cost of attendance is released

From experience, that's plenty of money to get through a semester at Villanova.

Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! Per the ESPN article below, Villanova will be providing just over $2,400 to their scholarship athletes per semester. That number, even though not confirmed by Villanova, seems about right. Heck, I got by on much less and I was at the bar basically just about every night. But compared to some of their major sports colleagues, it's well below average - which probably means it's actually what a student who has everything else paid for requires.

So will it cause a recruiting advantage? Only time will tell, but I think for most athletes who have professional aspirations, it won't play a big factor. For an 18-year old kid, $2,500/semester is change when you're trying to make millions - you're going to go to the place that you think can get you that.

And now, the "news."

NCAA coaches believe cost-of-attendance allowance can be recruiting advantage | ESPN
The additional money men's basketball players will receive due to the newly NCAA-allowed cost of attendance will be a recruiting advantage as recruits begin to understand the wide range of money they could receive from different schools.

A heckler’s guide to Villanova | A Dime Back Football
For those of you who aren’t familiar with this piece of Internet #content, this is where I find embarrassing things about UConn’s upcoming opponent and present them to you in an unfair and biased manner.

Huskies Begin Preparation for Villanova | The UConn Blog
Bob Diaco said the more he watches Villanova, the more he falls in love with them.

Sports Flashback: West Chester upsets Villanova to open 1967 season | Delco News Network
West Chester played in the Tangerine Bowl (now known as the Citrus Bowl) twice in the 1960s, and wasn't the D-2 minnow they are today.

Georgetown to Host Syracuse on Saturday, December 5th at Verizon Center | Casual Hoya
Georgetown released their non-conference schedule; it's good.

Pitt, Penn State and West Virginia are unrivaled for all the wrong reasons | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
During an era of widespread change in college athletics, where schools have bolted to new conferences for the promise of heartier paydays, rivalries have suffered, and local college football fans don’t have to look far to see the damage. Pitt, Penn State and West Virginia have seen their rivalries vanish as a result of conference realignment.

Temple to sign a lucrative extension with Under Armour | Inquirer
Temple's athletic program will soon announce a new lucrative 10-year, $30m partnership extension with Under Armour.

Job advert for Jermain Defoe's PA lists bizarre responsibilities | Mashable
A job advert for an Executive Personal Assistant for footballer Jermain Defoe is getting attention for its incredibly extensive range of responsibilities.