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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Basketball players' NBA draft scouting reports

Hopefully the Wildcats can put more kids in the league going forward.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! Jonathan Givony and his excellent team at Draft Express have been slowly releasing their scouting reports on the top prospects in the Big East and Villanova is well represented. Sending more players to the NBA will keep recruiting strong and further develop Villanova basketball, so it's nice to see DraftExpress high on a couple of players.

Also, some more interviews with Dylan Painter on his commitment to Villanova. We're still rejoicing!

And now, the "news."

Top NBA Prospects in the Big East: Jalen Brunson Scouting Video | DraftExpress
Mike Schmitz continues our coverage of the top NBA prospects in the Big East with a video scouting report of the #3 prospect in the conference, Villanova's Jalen Brunson.

Top NBA Prospects in the Big East: Josh Hart | DraftExpress
Jonathan Givony takes a look at the 4th best prospect in the Big East - the reigning 6th Man of the Year.

Top NBA Prospects in the Big East: Daniel Ochefu | DraftExpress
Jacob Eisenberg takes a look at 'Chef' - the 10th best pro prospect in the Big East.

Top NBA Prospects in the Big East: Phil Booth | Draft Express
One of the most efficient scorers in college basketball, Booth posted an outrageous 71% true shooting percentage, ranking #1 in that category among all draft prospects.

Top NBA Prospects in the Big East: Ryan Aricidacono | DraftExpress
Though Arcidiacono ultimately struggled in Villanova's disappointing loss in the Round of 32, he solidified his reputation as one of the top point guards in the country as a junior.

Hershey big man Dylan Painter picks 'Nova | City of Basketball Love
Check out Painter's interview with CoBL - he's got some good things to say about 'Nova. Always exciting when a fan becomes a player.

Dylan Painter commits to Villanova | HoopSeen
"I thought it was the best place for me as a student, basketball player, and as a person. The whole culture around the program made me feel that it can help me reach my full potential."

Dylan Painter to Villanova |
"I thought that was the best place for me to be the best Dylan Painter I can be," he said.

The United States of College Basketball: Top program in each state |
The definitive atlas on the current state of college basketball. Fifty programs for 50 states.

Villanova is #9 in Blue Ribbon's Preseason Top 25 | ChrisDortch
They're joined by Big East rival Butler in the famed preseason guide.

Villanova Wildcats will be team to beat in Big East again under coach Jay Wright | ESPN
Under coach Jay Wright, Villanova has been a model of consistency. Despite some key losses, the Wildcats will rule the Big East again this season.

Student-athletes weigh in on ’Nova resident life on campus | The Villanovan
Coaches at Villanova overwhelmingly support their athletes living together as roommates for a variety of reasons.

So Here's Why Disliking The Graduate Transfer Rule Is Just The Dumbest Thing | Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Scott Shafer said he would vote against the graduate transfer rule. That's stupid.