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Villanova Football Depth Chart: Gary Underwood is back from injury

A nice boost ahead of the Delaware game

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Not much has changed for Villanova Football ahead of their big rivalry game with Delaware this weekend, but there is one notable inclusion that will have Wildcats fan smiling. Gary Underwood is set to make his return after missing out on the victory at Fordham due to a chest injury. Andy Talley confirmed the news at his press conference on Wednesday, though it sounds like Javon White's big game in The Bronx will keep him in the mix for increased game action.

There are no other changes to report. Ethan Greenidge will start again at right tackle while Jake Prus recovers from his bone marrow donation procedure. Greenidge looked very good for a true freshman last weekend.

Lincoln Collins continues to be listed in the two-deep, but still hasn't made his debut yet this season for the 'Cats due to a non-reported injury.

Full Depth Chart:

Villanova Football Depth Chart 09.17.15 (Delaware)