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The Sun's Arizin: Who is the best coach in the BIG EAST?

Who else could it be?

Huuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaay! Athlon gave the rest of the Big East some good food for thought by ranking the conference's basketball coaches. No surprise that Jay Wright is numero uno, but there's a pretty solid list right below him of young, up and coming coaches.


Sorry, not sorry.

And now, the "news."

Ranking the BIG EAST Basketball Coaches | Athlon
It's just a fight for second behind The Dapper Don.

Kevin Gulyas working well with whoever is Villanova's quarterback | The Morning Call
Just throw this guy the damn ball and he'll go and get it.

$46 Million Fee Award Sparks Secondary Dispute in O’Bannon v. NCAA | Villanova Law
NCAA seeks reversal of Magistrate Judge’s ruling that student athletes may recover attorneys’ fees and costs for unsuccessful claims.

High School Kicker Executes Goofy Backwards Onside Kick | The Big Lead
I mean maybe Steve Weyler should go for something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM HIMSELF!

Football can be used as a blueprint for life | Daily Local
I have been asked many times throughout the years why I have such a great love for the game of football, and why I allow it to affect me so greatly.