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The Sun's Arizin: The Villanova-Penn State battle for Team Final

Don't panic, but Pat Chambers is being smart about building his program.

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! Especially after last night's football disaster. That's the last I'll mention of it.

We've talked before about the threat of Penn State to Villanova's dominance in the Philadelphia area and I still think it would be premature to panic. One good class does not make a program. But as you'll see in today's top story, Pat Chambers is getting aggressive in the area, and the fact that his staff is made up of ex-Villanova guys isn't lost on the area's premier AAU program. He works hard, and he's living in the wake, and it's incredibly smart.

We're not anywhere near a state where Penn State is taking kids that Villanova wants (case in point, Dylan Painter). But it is something to keep an eye on going forward if Chambers is serious about putting down roots in State College.

And now, the "news."

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Pat Chambers is going after Villanova's Team Final pipeline, and for a year at least, he's winning by filling his staff with ex-Wildcats who know the landscape.

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[Sub Req'd] There are countless must-see games on the 2015-2016 college basketball schedule. Which ones cracked the top 40? Villanova's games against UVa, Oklahoma, and @ Georgetown make the cut.

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After sideline incident during Tulsa-Oklahoma game, Baylor Bears embroiled by controversy again

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