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The Sun's Arizin: Will Villanova compete with the top of FCS?

A lot of links this morning, but you [probably] have plenty of time for reading with the day off...

Happy Labor Day! It's the last chance for the fashion-conscious among us to wear white -- or if you're like me, seersucker. Chris is not only wearing his summer-best, but he's enjoying a getaway to the mountains with his 'bae' (as the kids say these days), so I offered to fill in. It also closes out the opening weekend of college football, and it was an eventful one for those of you who paid attention.

In addition to all of the fanfare, lets take a moment to think about and/or pray for guys like, Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt whose season ended early this year, the Wisconsin safety who suffered head trauma and lined up in the wrong backfield before being pulled from the game; or the Georgetown linebacker who may be paralyzed after a freak neck injury yesterday.

Of course, despite scrutiny of injuries, football isn't really more dangerous than other sports, or marching band for that matter. It's also still the source of bottomless revenue for the Universities at the top of the food chain. What about those just a step removed though?

The new "full cost of attendance" scholarship model was pushed into being by the Power-5 conferences in the offseason, leaving the rest of Division I college sports to decide if they will follow suit, or not. The Big East is going to apply these extra funds to men's and women's basketball programs, but the CAA Football conference hasn't really jumped on board at all. That said, it appears that top FCS schools like North Dakota State and at least a handful of others are going all-in for cost-of-attendance in FCS.

For all the talk of Villanova trying to compete at the top of FCS, the idea of offering these more well-rounded scholarships for football is at least worth the discussion. What do you think?

And now, the "news."

South Dakota to offer full cost of attendance in 2016-17 | University of South Dakota Athletics
Four FCS schools have committed to offering full-cost of attendance scholarships for football. Villanova and the CAA schools have not yet made that commitment.

Temple beats Penn State for first time since 1941, ending 39-game winless streak |
Penn State looked dismal, and Temple broke the longest active losing streak in college football.

Did James Franklin have an issue with football inflation against Temple? | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports
College #DeflateGate . . .

LOOK: Penn State's 259-Pound Kicker Becomes Instant Cult Hero
I thought this guy only existed on Breaking Madden. It looks like Clarence BEEFTANK is trying his hand (foot?) as a kicker.

Don Cherry an All-America linebacker | Trumbull Times
Don Cherry out of Trumbull High had seven tackles from his linebacker position when the Villanova University football team lost to the University of Connecticut, 20-15, at Rentschler Field in East Hartford on Thursday night.

Bringing the Big East to the Middle East | Jewish Exponent
It definitely was not a Cheers moment. When Villanova coach Jay Wright went to Israel last month as part of PeacePlayers International’s program to promote brotherhood through basketball, virtually nobody there knew his name, nor that of Philadelphia 76ers’ coach Brett Brown, who accompanied him on what turned out to be a memorable journey.

New institute opening at Villanova |
The Villanova University School of Law is addressing the way Pennsylvania's legal system responds to commercial sexual exploitation with the launch of a new institute this month.

15 cars vandalized on Villanova’s campus | Delco Times
Radnor police say several cars parked behind Villanova Stadium were damaged, including some cars belonging to members of the university’s football team.

Villanova women's volleyball defeated Air Force in Pioneer Classic Opener |
The Air Force volleyball team dropped a 3-1 contest to Villanova in the opening match of Denver’s Pioneer Classic on Friday, Sept. 4. The Falcons, who won the first set 25-22, before dropping the final three games by 25-12, 25-16, 25-18 margins, fell to 1-4 on the year. Women's volleyball, the most-watchable non-revenue sport on campus, hands-down.

Stony Brook athletic director Shawn Heilbron's goal: Raising $100 million | Newsday
Exactly one year [after taking the AD job], Heilbron unveiled his five-year program titled "Together We Transform" to accomplish that goal [of putting SBU on the major-college map]. It came with a variety of new initiatives intended to build a big-time college football culture on Long Island that might begin to generate the revenue necessary to turn the artist's renderings of a double-decked stadium seating 25,000 and an indoor practice facility into actual brick and mortar.

Could Coastal Carolina’s Move Affect SoCon? | Southern Pigskin
Much as we saw a large change among FBS football a few years back, Coastal Carolina’s move to the Sun Belt Conference could put in motion a similar change among FCS football in the south.

Dissecting the Importance of Tyler Lewis at Butler | Today's U
The former McDonald’s All-American is stepping into a ideal situation at Butler, as he effectively replaces Alex Barlow at point guard for the Bulldogs, and how he performs could go a long way in determining the team’s success this season.

Tall point guards are the future of basketball |
Class of 2016 high school stars De'Aaron Fox and Troy Brown are the latest in an emerging line of oversized playmakers that will soon take over the highest levels of the game.

How Montana coach Bob Stitt's fun and lethal offense actually works |
Stitt happens. Stitt just happened to FCS No. 1 North Dakota State, 38-35. But *how* does Stitt happen?

Bartolo Colon gets an out with a behind the back flip - Amazin' Avenue
This one's for you, Chris...

We Found The Best U.S.A. Swag At Made In America Festival | MTV
MTV, millenials, sorority girl from Villanova. Happy Labor Day!