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Your 2015 VU Hoops user awards and statistics

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We're twelve days into 2016 but we don't think it's too late to look back on 2015.

Villanova fans have an insatiable appetite for Wildcat coverage and we're happy that you come to VU Hoops to get that fix. Our page views went up 35% and our number of sessions went up 45%.

The comments here are exemplary. They demonstrate community and a desire to educate or entertain rather than belittle and fight. YOU are a reason everyone should read the comments.

Withour further adieu, here are the highlights you probably care about the most...

Most Read Stories

10. Omari Spellman commits to Villanova: Well duh, a 6'9" 5-star high school talent joins 'Nova Nation of course the readers are going to visit.

9. The impact of Dylan Ennis' transfer on Villanova in 2015-16: Chris detailed how the 2015-16 would shake out and with 16 games into the season, it was very predictive.

8. Villanova Piccolo Girl on Jimmy Fallon: oh Piccolo Girl, your tears moved us.

7. Dylan Ennis to transfer from Villanova, immediately eligible next season: the writing was on the wall, but this cemented the notion.

6. NCAA Tournament 2015: A Closer Look at the NCSU Wolfpack via Advanced Stats: just a speed bump...

5. Tai Wynyard commits to Kentucky over Villanova and Texas: a highly-regarded big man from New Zealand comes out of nowhere and has 'Nova in his Final 3.

4. Fordham transfer Eric Paschall cuts list to five schools The A-10 rookie of the year wants to transfer and lands on the Main Line.

3. Villanova makes Run DMC video: the power of social and short, fun spots. It's Tricky.

2. NBA 2K16 will have college teams, including Villanova: Yep, 'Nova made the cut in the highly regarded video game.

1. Tyus Battle cuts list, eliminates Villanova: So we have a head scratcher here; this article clearly benefitted from social sharing and SEO prominence bringing in the non-regular members of the VUH community, because clearly dropping 'Nova isn't anything new.

On to the user-generated content rankings by YOU, the Community.

Most Fanposts

User #
IHartVillanovaBasketball 14
NovaDave 8
BrendanJReilly 5
vuwildcat07 4
MikeJ. 3
SeanDon 3
WhatsCookinChef 2
Jimdribbleless 2
JonPaulCrichton 2
Billy Vinci 2

Most Fan Shots

User #
MikeJ. 453
Chris Lane 99
Brian Ewart 56
Ryan Saccoman 6
obdit 1
nationer15 1
Brunson Burner 1
Capt_Crunch's_bastard_child 1
BrendanJReilly 1
Will Schreefer 1

Most Comments

User #
Chris Lane 2558
youngBUCK 2199
Jimdribbleless 2111
GPraz 1652
NovaDave 1353
Jwizzi 1323
Billy Vinci 1162
Brian Ewart 964
RTrain 938
Sweetness and Light 934

We've been keeping track of the user-generated stats for three years and Mr. Lane is the back-to-back-to-back Commenting Champion (but his numbers are on the decline...).

Commenting Hall of Fame

User 2013 2014 2015
Chris Lane 4959 3627 2558
youngBUCK 492 1653 2199
Jimdribbleless 1186 2275 2111
GPraz 1002 1652
NovaDave 1559 1183 1353
Jwizzi 1323
Billy Vinci 1162
Brian Ewart 2023 1306 964
RTrain 938
Sweetness and Light 934
Mike J 1345 1756
PokerChris 1105
Corollary 723
ole man giant 684
Ryan Boggio 667
BarneyRubble 666
Claude Savagely 433
jnmurf16 417

Three-Year Trend

The race for the 2016 title is already upon us. Your fingers can rest when they're dead. 2016 we aim to be even better for you and all Villanova fans.

Thanks for being there with us!