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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Marquette

Wright make something so simple look so good.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova looked to continue their unbeaten streak in BIG EAST play on Wednesday night as they hosted the Marquette Golden Eagles.

The Wisconsin team put up an impressive fight at the end of the first half that would have incapacitated many teams, but the Wildcats were prepared and grounded the Golden Eagles en route to their 15-point victory.

Also prepared was Jay Wright's wardrobe.

The head coach took to The Pavilion sidelines in a two-piece navy suit that featured burgundy pinstripes and a third ticket-pocket. Underneath, Wright perfectly matched the outfit with a simple blue shirt and a pink and navy geometric tie.

No pocket square was worn.

Suit, Tie Detail

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4.25/5 Esquires: Wright shows excellence in simplicity.