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Tim Delaney still out indefinitely after second hip surgery

Delaney is definitely redshirting after his second hip surgery in the last 4 months.

Per a Villanova release, what was long suspected has been confirmed - Villanova Wildcats freshman forward Tim Delaney is out for the season after undergoing a second successful surgery. His surgery in October was to repair his left hip, and the latest was to repair his right hip.

Here's Jay Wright on the situation:

"This has been a tough stretch for Tim but he has handled these setbacks with great maturity," stated Villanova head coach Jay Wright. "We have seen how hard Tim worked to rehabilitate his left hip and know he will bring that same dedication to this recovery. He had a great first semester in the classroom and we can’t wait until the day when Tim is able to rejoin us on the court."

Needless to say, this stinks for Tim and we're all rooting for him to make a speedy and healthy recovery. A double-hip surgery in your freshman year of college is not an ideal start. Get well soon Tim!