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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Xavier

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Hunter Martin/Getty Images

It was New Year's Eve Day. Big East Basketball was returning. Fans got to enjoy a mid-week Villanova Basketball matinee on national TV. Sixth-ranked, and undefeated, Xavier was visiting as was comedian Bill Murray.

The air, excitement, and buzz around The Pavilion was palpable.

And Jay Wright dressed for the occasion.

What some could interpret as an homage to Murray, Villanova's head coach took to the sidelines with a theme of stripes as the Wildcats would ultimately defeat the Musketeers by 31. Based with a navy blue striped two-piece suit, Wright added a blue and white striped shirt and a light silver tie with navy and white diagonals on Thursday. The confident style showed that Wright can masterfully match striping three ways in the same palette.

He finished off the look with a light blue pocket square.

VU Hoops Jay Wright #SuitWatch Rating

(4/5 Esquires) Wright handled the midday affair with a unique style that was perfectly executed.