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The Sun's Arizin: Mikal Bridges was worth the wait for Villanova Basketball


Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! Already mentally past that loss, so I hope you all are too. I can stomach losing to a good team who played a good game any day of the week. The beauty of the true round robin schedule is we get them again in a couple of weeks.

I was curious about one thing, which was Mikal Bridges playing time. I just couldn't shake the feeling that it felt like he hasn't been out there a ton lately for 'Nova. 20 minutes yesterday (out of 45) just doesn't feel like enough for the impact he's having, but Jay has always tightened the rotation to his upperclassmen in close games in the past.. Hopefully we see more of him going forward.

And now, the "news."

Mikal Bridges’ scorer-to-stopper transition worth the wait for Villanova | Daily Local
Mikal Bridges readily admits that he did not play much defense during his stellar scholastic career at Great Valley High School.

This isn’t your dad’s Big East basketball, but today’s players love it |
It’s been 30 years, or about 100,000 3-pointers ago, so I guess it’s OK to finally admit it. I used to have a Big East chip on my shoulder the size of John Thompson. For a son of the Midwest driveway hoop, listening to the shrill voices of the East Coast blacktop was like fingernails on a backboard.

Stranded travelers build snow altar for mass on the PA Turnpike | Mashable
Hundreds of travelers stranded in snow on the Pennsylvania Turnpike since last night decided to build a snow altar and have mass on Saturday.

These swimmers aren't going to let a little snow stop them | Mashable
Swimmers are ditching the pool and are heading to the snow instead. Frostbite probably doesn't help with your backstroke though.

'American Pie' singer Don McLean speaks out about arrest | Mashable
The 70-year-old musician clearly has a long, difficult road ahead as he and his family attend to their private matters.