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"0 to 52": A new Villanova Basketball philosphy

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of Villanova Basketball are constantly reminded of the program's tenets of Family and Attitude. During the last Jay Wright radio show of 2015, the Villanova head coach had junior Darryl Reynolds on as a guest where the big man shared a new motto that the team was embracing.

During the segment, Coach Wright was talking to Reynolds about how he and Daniel Ochefu frequently battle it out in practice, but off the court the two are best buds. He added an anecdote how after one time when the two were going head-to-head they were both frustrating each other, but during a break, Chef went and got Reynolds some water.

In the reply, Reynolds noted "just like what we say Zero to Fifty-Two." Wright was caught by surprise and the Lower Merion native added, "Hank is 0, Kevin is #52. That's the span of the team... we say it, "do it for 0 to 52". Those are all my brothers."

Jay Wright added, "man that's great that you guys are all over that. We need that on a t-shirt or something."

Well, let us take care of that. With our partners at GameDay Depot we put it on a shirt for every Villanova Fan. Head over there and check it out.